Putting Up Your Tent

Putting up Vango Halo 300
Putting up Vango Hurricane 200 and 300

Packing Your Rucksacks

It's very important to make sure your rucksack is packed correctly - you have to carry it all the way!

Make sure you leave room for the group equipment you need to carry on the day.

Cooking on a Trangia Stove

This video shows the components of the Trangia and how to set it up.
In our stoves we use gas but apart from that everything else is the same.

Safe Use of Trangia Gas Converter

It is important that you are confident using the gas burner.
Make sure you know the dangers identified in this video.


Easy to make pancakes
Practice this recipe at home and you can
have the ingredients with you all ready to mix.

When you master this you'll have lots of
friends at breakfast time.
Chocolate bananas on a trangia
While everyone else is eating a yogurt or thinking
about something really nice to eat you can hide behind
the tent and have this all to yourself!