How to Read a 6 Figure Grid Reference

A 6 Fig Grid reference on our 1:25000 Mournes Map
lets us know our location to within 100m2.

You must be able to use this skill.

Taking a Compass Bearing

This can be a difficult skill to learn. You will understand better when you actually practice this skill in the hills and in poor visibility.
At Gold Level this skill must be clearly understood.

How to Orient a Map and Take a Bearing

Orienting or setting the map is probably the most used skill on a walk at all levels.
There are lots of other demonstrations on YouTube.

How to Determine your Location with a Map and Compass

Here is a skill you can practice if you want to develop your navigation skills to a higher level.

Hillwalking Essential Skills and Knowledge

An excellent summary of the essential requirements that you should consider when planning and carrying out a walk.
  • Navigation Tools and Route Planning
  • Mountain Rescue
  • Survival Equipment
  • Emergency Procedures

Summer Conditions on the Mountain

This video looks at the skills and equipment needed for summer walks.  It outlines what to expect on the mountains in summer.
It deals with:
  • Footwear
  • Navigation equipment
  • Clothing
  • Emergency equipment
  • Dehydration
  • Heatstroke

Dealing with Bad Weather

What to do if the weather turns nasty.
This clip deals with:
  • Wind speed and wind chill
  • Air temperature
  • Body core temperature
  • Managing low cloud conditions
  • Winter weather conditions

What to do in Case of an Emergency

This examines what steps you should follow if a serious situation develops.
This includes:
  • Basic First Aid Kits
  • Emergency shelters
  • Mobile phone/GPS
  • Calling emergency services
  • What information they will need to know
  • Helping the rescue helicopter team
  • Dealing with night conditions

Understanding Contour Lines

This explains how contour lines are useful in giving us an idea of the lie of the land.

A good map reader can imagine the map in 3D when they see the contour lines drawn.

How to Read a Topographical Map

Maps which show contour lines are called Topographical Maps.

These give a detailed description of a relatively small area.
This goes into Topographical Maps in greater detail
and helps you understand how to measure gradients.

It explains how different physical features are shown on a map.
This gives detailed descriptions of how physical features are represented on a map.  It covers all of the areas that will help you translate what you see on a map to what is actually in front of you.

A must for the Gold Navigator!